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Long Time CashSplash Slot Player Wins the Jackpot! April T. Wins $34,551.83 At Royal Vegas Casino.

April T Online gambler April T. won $34,551.83 online jackpot playing on CashSplash while playing at Royal Vegas online casino on July 4, 2004. "It is just great, I still can't believe it. I have played for years and never hit anything big let alone a jackpot!." said the happy winner. The recent winner April T answered the following questions of a Jackpot Madness manager:

What was your initial reaction to your big win?
I just stared at the computer for a couple seconds. I couldn't believe it! My daughter was watching TV and I yelled to her "I won I hit the jackpot! I hit the jackpot!" She replyed "Good mom, how much?" I responded "$34,000". She said no way, got up and looked at my computer screen and said "OK mom, I think you should quit now." Of course I played off a couple hundred before quitting just for the thrill of it. I immediately called my four siblings, my mom, my dad and six of my closest friends. I was shaking the whole time. I spent the rest of the 4th of July holiday and my vacation week spending the money in my head over and over.

How do you plan on spending your winnings?
I have about 15,000 in credit card debt to pay so I really needed a shot in the arm. I will then give my children some money and save the rest in case I need it for a rainy day. I will of course spend a couple thousand. I would like a tread mill and a riding lawn mower. My children also have extras to pay. It will help my son and his family get their transmission fixed and my daughter has credit card debt and doctor bills to pay so this is a real blessing to all of us.

What advice do you have for others?
Be thankful for the blessings you have. Treat others as you would want to be treated and mostly, try not to pass judgment on others. Otherwise, just lead a good, clean, honest life and as tough as things can get they always have a way of working out. PS: Love the children, they ARE our future!

What do you do for good luck?
I don't really do anything for luck. I believe the game is either hitting or it isn't. I have my favorites though. I play Cash Splash 99% of the time. Since I won the jackpot I have checked out various slots though. I generally spend that other 1% playing poker. I have never really won much on poker though. I just can't stay away from Cash Splash.

What is your dream holiday destination?
HAWAII . . . . . A condo on the oceanside for two weeks would be great. Spending money and lots to do along with the relaxation of baking in the sun a few hours a day.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
I am 42 years old. I work in a law office as a paralegal. My son is 25 and has a daugher 18 months old. My daughter still lives at home and goes to college and works at a bank. She is 23 years old. I have been a single mother since my son was 6 months old. We live on a lake and I commute 30 minutes to work. Last year I became a grandmother. What a joy. That has been my life since she was born. I will certainly share my winnings with her. I want her to have it all and mostly love. Which she gets plenty of. I just want to live comfortably with my family around. I really don't want too much. This jackpot really will add some excitement to our lives though. If feels so good to have won, when I really needed it. A public septic system is going in my neighborhood this year and it will cost about 10,000 per property. I thought I may have to move but it looks like we are staying now. We have lived in our home for 16 years. My children are pretty much grown up.

Source: Jackpot Madness

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