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Slot machines are the most popular casino games.

Slot machines have been the most popular games in a casino... and the most profitable games for casinos, which is why they've become the Kings of the casino and emerged as a $30 billion a year business.

What's the allure? Simplicity is the key and that only the slot machine gives someone the feeling of turning a few dollars into a seven- or eight-figure payoff. This has accounted for more than $7 out of every $10 of gambling revenues in casinos across the United States; the once lowly slot machine is the top earner, even in glitzy places along the Las Vegas strip.

Nancy Petry, a professor of psychiatry at the University Of Connecticut School Of Medicine said it best "The slot machine has been brilliantly designed from a behavioral psychology perspective. No other form of gambling manipulates the human mind as beautifully as these machines." No one understood this better than Joe Kaminkow, chief designer at International Game Technology. Keminkov and I.G.T. (land based slot manufacturer) understood slots are normally played in isolation and they want to get players' heart rates going a little. They incorporated sights, sounds, and the player's intellectual laziness against themselves - people would rather just sit there and push a button.

Plus, with the constant increase in slot players, mainly men in their late 60's and women in their late 50's, who are slots most trustworthy devotees, slot machines have to give the newbie lots of positive reinforcement - to keep them playing.

Slots' revenues have been growing exponentially over the past few decades. King of the Casino - so easy to learn to play and seemingly harmless.

Source: Casino Coins

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