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Cruise More Luxurious After CashSplash Win. Kathleen K. Wins $5,306.56 Playing Cash Splash At All Slots Casino.

cashsplash Kathleen K. won $5,306.56 jackpot playing CashSplash progressive slot machine game at All Slots online casino on May 23, 2003. "I had plans to go on a cruise two days after my win, so the money came in very handy!" said the winner. Cash Splash is a popular 3 reel single payline slot machine game developed by Microgaming. Now you can play enhanced 5 reel 15 payline version of the game connected to the shared progressive jackpot. The recent winner Kathleen K answered the following questions of a Jackpot Madness manager:

Did anything unusual happen on the day of your win?
I had just gotten rehired after being unemployed for 5 months!

What was your initial reaction to your big win?
I was by myself and on the very first spin I hit it! I could not believe what I had done!

What advice do you have for others?
Things happen for a reason.

Describe in detail your dream holiday destination.
Panama Canal cruise.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Play bingo.

What 3 things would you take with you on a deserted island?
Pencil, paper and a book.

What is your goal in life?
Be happy.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
I've been married for 31 years and just had my 50th birthday.

Source: Jackpot Madness

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