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Slots News » October 2009 » October 16, 2009.

$4.2 Million Gold Mega Jackpot, Slot-Tastic Sundays And The Treasure Hunt At Party Casino This Month.

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Record Gold Mega Jackpot
Party Casino's Gold Mega Jackpot currently stands at more than a whopping $4.2 million, the biggest prize in the casino's history. In fact, "Gold Jackpot" consists of four jackpots at different levels (Gold Blitz Jackpot, Gold Quick Jackpot, Gold Super Jackpot and Gold Mega) with the minimum value (seed) for the top Gold Mega jackpot of $500,000. The current $4.2+ million value is almost 9 times higher then the seed, so taking into account that every spin is random, players have increased, probably positive, odds.

As you may know some progressive jackpot games are programmed to collect extra percentage of each bet that goes to the jackpot. But when the jackpot reach a certain level (usually 4-5 seeds) the odds for this extra bet turn into players favour. So on every dollar you spend you should expact over $1 payoff on avarage. You may invest in stocks on today's volatile markets but there is another opportunity to increase your money - play Gold Mega Jackpot slots at Party Casino, until you win! Even if you don't hit the big one, the smaller level jackpots are also high enough.

Gold Mega Jackpot can be hit on the following slot machines: The Godfather, Mega Fortune Wheel, Super Mystic, Super Star, Super Joker, Super Fortune Wheel. Party Casino regular mobuypoker recently won a Gold Mega online jackpot worth $1,131,264!

Slot-tastic Sundays
Party Casino is giving away great rewards on 18th and 25th October to players who enjoy any of four Ca$h Fla$h Jackpot slots - Firedrake, Sweet Hawaii, Cash Cruise and Golden Oasis. Online casino players will get extra on any PartyPoints they earn by playing these slots, plus a cash bonus of $25 if they finish the day in the top 200 of Party Casino's leader board.

The Treasure Hunt
The hidden chests at Party Casino are packed full of cash prizes, points and bonuses, and they're just waiting to be found. Make sure you search for and uncover limitless wealth from 26th to 29th October. Simply play as normal at Party Casino any time between 26th and 29th October and see if the treasure chests appear with a fabulous prize inside for you.

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